The AlexaEvent Object

class AlexaEvent(event, lambdaContext)

The alexaEvent object contains all the information from the Voxa event, it’s an object kept for the entire lifecycle of the state machine transitions and as such is a perfect place for middleware to put information that should be available on every request.


A convenience getter to obtain the request’s token, specially when using the Display.ElementSelected


When a customer enables your Alexa skill, your skill can request the customer’s permission to the their contact information, see Customer Contact Information Reference.


When a customer enables your Alexa skill, your skill can obtain the customer’s permission to use address data associated with the customer’s Alexa device, see Device Address Information Reference.


Alexa customers can set their timezone, distance measuring unit, and temperature measurement unit in the Alexa app, see Device Settings Reference.


The in-skill purchasing feature enables you to sell premium content such as game features and interactive stories for use in skills with a custom interaction model, see In-Skill Purchases Reference.


Alexa customers have access to two default lists: Alexa to-do and Alexa shopping. In addition, Alexa customer can create and manage custom lists in a skill that supports that, see Alexa Shopping and To-Do Lists Reference.